Company History

AYDIN DENİZ İŞLETMECİLİĞİ A.Ş. (AYSHIPS) is wholly owned by TURGUT AYDIN HOLDINGS. AYSHIPS is founded and incorporated in Turkey, 2010.the group's ship management company was formed to primarily engage in the business of general ship management and new building supervision services to the ship owners of oceangoing vessels in compliance with the international covenants. AYSHIPS constructed the first vessel of 57,000 DWT bulk carrier at Yang Fan Shipyard in 2011. The construction of second vessel of 61,000 DWT was completed NACKS in 2015. AYSHIPS has also agreed construction supervision for three 64,000 DWT bulk carriers at Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. We have been providing seaborne transportation solutions and technical management in the dry bulk sector.


AYSHIPS is founded in Turkey by Turgut Aydın Holdings.


57,000 DWT BC shipbuilding supervised in Yang Fan. 


61,000 DWT BC shipbuilding supervised in NACKS.


Three 64,000 DWT BC new building supervision.


Operates five modern, quality ships with best-in class design.